About us

Alien Interactive AB - developing web-based solutions since 1999.

Alien Interactive AB – Experts in engineering with cutting-edge skills and experience. Engineers who have been involved in developing the BizPart platform right from the start. Other employees include system and business development experts, and all of us contributing to the success of BizPart.

We are good at listening and we will understand what you need. That's why we have the right conditions to be able to customize solutions to your needs.

We are accurate, responsive and clear. Today we see an increasing need to be able to express ourselves well in speech and writing, especially for complex requirements and features to be described accurately.

Customers say that we are also flexible and fast when the project needs to adapt to new conditions. We are accustomed to daily changes.

If we had written in the way many others do, it would go something like this:

  • Successful long-term relationships
  • Customer focus
  • Customer relationships with mutual trust

Perhaps the work atmosphere simply will be like this if you work near the sea in the sun and salt spray?

Try us! Come here and drink coffee and talk with us. Judge for yourselves!